Krys Lyons’ interview (english version)

Interview with Kris Lyons

Kris Lyons lives in Arizona, USA, this traveller met Jesús Martínez Reneo in University Of Limerick where they studied. They did a travel to Edinburgh, Scotland..

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How did your passion for travel?
I have always had a passion for traveling, ever since I was a young kid traveling through various states in America. The opportunity enables one to see so many beautiful sights, cultures, and experiences.

Please share anything you think is worthwhile about the nature, gastronomy, people and activities you experienced in University Of Limerick(Ireland).
The nature and photographic possibilities within Ireland is indescribable. I felt that wherever I was, a picture could be taken, but yet such a picture could not do it justice. I was involved in many things during my time there: Outdoor Pursuits Club, International Society, Mentor Dinners, and even volunteering. I was able to do so much because the university and people there were so inviting and friendly to newcomers.


What was the most breathtaking moment you experienced during your trips?
During the summer of 2007, I traveled to Lucerne, Switzerland with some High School friends. The eathtaking moment came as we ascended Mount Pilatus. Prior to reaching the top, it felt as if we could see all of Switzerland. As we reached the top, I felt as if we were floating in the clouds (this is because it was a cloudy day and clouds were all around us).

What is your favorite city, and what are your favorite monuments?
My favorite city is currently Capri, Italy. The small boat ride to Capri is an amazing experience in itself seeing such clear, bright blue water splashing against the rocks). As for historical monuments, it was a great learning experience traveling to Northern Ireland and learning about the recent historical events. Specifically Free Derry was interesting to travel to and learn from the locals.

Northern Ireland

You’ve taken some amazing pictures. What is one moment you’ve captured that turned out better than you thought it would?
Planning a trip by myself to Poland turned out to be better than I had thought. Traveling alone I had thought that the trip may not have been as good, however this enabled me to do whatever and go where ever I wanted. Some of the best photographic opportunities I had came from Warclaw, Poland. However, I wouldn’t say my best photos came from Poland, just some great opportunities and some great photos.


Kris, for you, which country is most hospitable?
I think I am slightly biased as I lived in Ireland for 4 months. Living there influences me as each person seemed to want to make sure my experience was nothing but great. Therefore, Ireland was the most hospitable. After this, I would say Italy was the next most hospitable.


After this stint of travel, are you going to plan anymore? If so, where?
I would love to! I would love to travel to South America next. After that I could foresee traveling anywhere as each place offers a new experience.

If you have any one advice for travelers, what would it be?
Prior to traveling to a specified country, learn as much as you can about that country: language, culture, history, major sightseeing places, foods, etc. This will enable your experience to be even better.

traveller EEUU

Traveller Abraham Lincoln

This traveller represent Kris, the traveler of this interview and the U.S. zone. This traveler commemorate U.S. President, Abraham Lincoln, because exclavitud abolished. I leave you a famous phrase that sums it up perfectly: «Just as it would not be a slave master, this expresses my idea of democracy».
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